iFortress® allows you to take notes, documents, images and photographs and organize them within an App that combines broad functionality with enterprise-grade security.

Enterprise-grade Security

iFortress is built on the patented HubVault™ multi-layered technology that is used to fully protect highly sensitive corporate and government documents. This technology extends security beyond the Apple AES256 encryption and remote reset facilities.

Data within iFortress is protected from attack – such as when a device has been deliberately stolen - through techniques that include encryption with a key that has 10 to the power of 77 possible combinations.

Enforced Strong Passwords

iFortress enforces strict security policies, making it ideal for handling sensitive corporate and personal material. The password must be a minimum of eight characters of which at least two must be alpha and two non-alpha characters. Repeated password failures activate a ‘poison pill’ that locally wipes all data within iFortress.

View and store documents

iFortress allows the user to view their documents without ever having to leave the secure confines of the data vault. iFortress supports the display of a large array of document and image types.

Take notes and photos in the App

The inbuilt note-taking facility allows users to make secure notes within the App. Photos can also be taken and placed directly into the data vault. These notes and images can then be e-mailed directly out of the App, if and when they are needed elsewhere.

Folder Structure

There is often the need to organize a large number of files or notes and iFortress makes this easy by allowing the user to create and manage folders to ensure that the data is organized and easily accessible.